[Monday 14/07/03]

Development and release planning v3.0

Since a couple of months JiX Solutions is developping the new Typhon version, the v3.0. This version contains new and extended functionalities such as autodetecting devices, UPnP services, SCSI/USB/IE1394 support, DNS relay and an advanced firewall. Next to this, the Typhon is being re-engineered to support more than 750 users in a reliable and performing way. A true vitamin cure !

The user interface is also being improved with a new look-and-feel.
The alfa-version of v3.0 is being planned for end 2003. After further testing and additional development, the beta-version will be ready by Q1 2004. Our resellers will get the privilige to be the first to test and evaluate these new versions.

For more info contact us on

[Monday 10/02/03]
JiX Solutions introduces maintenance contracts for its software products. Such a contract gives four essential benefits:
  • Security: during the term of the contract you have the guarantee that your software version will always be supported
  • Free software updates: for the life of the contract you get software updates for free
  • Software upgrades at reduced prices: you get new software versions with a 50% discount
  • Save time: updates and upgrades will automatically be send to you

Details can be downloaded here

For more info contact your reseller or

[Wednesday 29/01/03]

Test the Typhon products via the online DEMO. JiX Solutions developped an online demo which allows you to test our products. It contains the user interface of the Typhon 900 product. You can test our product directly without having to install a demo CD on a test machine. Testing has never been so easy !

The online Demo gives existing resellers the chance to demonstrate our products at the client site. For potential resellers or customers it a tool to discover the user interface and the functionalities. Go to the DEMO page to learn more.


[Thursday 12/12/02]
JiX Solutions starts with a newsletter for its customers and resellers. If you want to have a copy of the newsletter, please contact us on

[Friday 6/12/02]

Second Typhon Demo Days Due to the success of the first Typhon Demo days, a second Typhon Demo days will be organised on 17 and 18 of January 2003. this will give potential resellers the opportunity to discover our products. An invitation will be send to selected dealers. If you haven't received an invitation, but still want to join, fill our the subscription form.

Subscribe early enough, so you can attend the Typhon Demo days !

[Wednesday 20/11/02]
Typhon XS-type is outselling the Typhon S-type for the last couple of months. Customers do like the very small size (23 cm width, 26 cm long and 4.5 cm high) combined with the rich features of the operating software; Do you want to know more check out the specifications.

[Thursday 07/11/2002]

JiX Solutions becomes reseller of Lex System in Belgium, the ultrasmall and embedded computer systems. For more information on Lex Sytem, please refer to

[Monday 04/11/2002]
First Typhon Demo Days = A great success ! About 10 potential resellers subscribed to our first Typhon Demo days. Friday was not too busy, but the Saterday is the favourite day of resellers to visit us. Extended demo sessions were organised and resellers had the opportunity to discover our product. Because of the success, we'll definitely organise a Second Typhon Demo Days. May there many more to come !

[Friday 11/10/2002]
Want to learn more about our products, services, reseller opportunities ? Check out our upcoming Typhon Demo Days on 25 & 26 of October. More info

[Monday 07/10/2002]

Today JiX Solutions released Fixpack C for the the Typhon v2.1 product range. If you experience any problems with the current installation, please download and apply this fixpack. More info and download

[Tuesday 03/09/2002]

Today JiX Solutions released Fixpack B for the the Typhon v2.1 product range. This release solves multiple problems with large amounts of users (+200 users). If you experience any problems with the current installation, please download and apply this fixpack. More info and download

[Friday 19/07/2002]
Share calendars, contacts, manage meetings, resources, public folders - all on the server ...without Exchange and without a migration hassle. Enjoy it now in our Typhon products. Thanks to the new plugin for Typhon products, IMAP mail accounts, which were once limited to storing Outlook mail messages and posts, can now handle all kinds of Outlook items. The plugin can turn your Typhon server into a full platform that lets you use Outlook to share data through both individual mailbox folders and public folders.

[Friday 24/06/2002]
Today JiX Solutions released details on one of our upcoming hardware/software releases. At a glance, the machine is a tiny, silent, economical, yet powerful network
server which handles all the typical network tasks required on a small to medium sized LAN.
More info

[Friday 05/05/2002]
Today JiX Solutions released Fixpack A for the the Typhon v2.1 product range. If you experience any problems with the current installation, please download and apply this fixpack. More info and download

[Monday 18/03/2002]
A fresh website with a fresh look, in order to inform you better about what is happening at JiX Solutions. Browse around and let us know what you think.

[Wednesday 13/03/2002]
As a young start-up, JiX Solutions already has a very promising, technological advanced product line. In order to support our growth JiX Solutions is actively seeking investors and partners who share the vision of enabling our user's businesses with high quality, feature rich, open software. Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School .
invited us to exhibit our company and products to investors on their upcoming BAN ( fair, Wednesday 27/03/2002.

[Monday 11/03/2002]
Today JiX Solutions offcially released version 2.1 of it's Typhon product range:
  • Typhon 700 v2.1 - the entry level SME server
  • Typhon 900 v2.1 - a full blown IT powerhouse for your bussiness
  • Typhon TX v2.1 - cutting edge network connectivity
  • Typhon Satellite v2.1 - the ideal solution to connect your remote offices
Hot new features are: full logging of all events that happen on the server, monitoring of activity on the server and the possibility to use a Typhon as a VPN gateway to hook two complete networks on each other over the internet through a safe VPN Tunnel.