Direct Support

Customer Support is one of our top priorities. We give all our customers quality service and we help our clients with solutions that really help.

If you want to ask a question to our technical support staff or you have a problem that needs to be addressed asap, don't hesitate to contact us. What follows are different ways of getting in touch with our support staff :

1. Complete-and-Solved form
Describing a problem by our Complete-and-Solved form, ensures that your problem gets solved as quickly as possible.
2. Email intervention
Contact our support staff by email on
3. Telephone intervention
Contact our support staff by telephone. If you can't get through immediately don't hesitate to leave a message and our support people will get back to you asap.
Phone: +32 3 899 06 09

Fax intervention
Contact our support staff by fax. Please ensure that the problem is well described and includes all details regarding your problem.
Fax: +32 3 899 06 31

5. Written intervention
You can send us a description of your problems. Please note that it might take some time for your postal delivery to reach us.

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