Typhon Licensing

I managed to get a connection to the Typhon interface. However in every menu I get the following error message: "The software license has expired. Please contact info@jixsolutions.com for a new license". What is this ?

This means that you have not introduced the compulsory license code in order to activate the Typhon server. First of all contact your reseller in order to obtain a valid license. The reseller will require your system ID and other information.
Once you have received the license from your reseller go to the menu Services and Updates -> License and introduce here your license code. The Typhon software will become activated.


Currently there are several ways to request a new license key:
1. By the Request License Form (under the Reseller Section)
2. By email to sales@jixsolutions.com
3. By telephone on + 32 3 899 06 09
4. By sms to + 32 478 58 20 14

When requesting a new license key, please ensure the following information is included in your request:
1. Your name and address
2. Your reseller
3. Type of product Typhon SOHO/Business/Education
4. System ID
5. Optional modules that need to be activated
6. Validity period
As soon as we receive the request, we will generate a license key that can be used to activate the system. Please remember that by requesting a license key, you accept the general conditions that apply and that, if applicable, a payable invoice will be sent for this license key request.

How do I obtain the system ID of my hardware system on which I want to install the Typhon software ?

You should find this in the license panel in the user interface. Communicate this system ID number to your reseller in order to obtain a valid license number.


Normally there is no restriction on the validity time of the license key. However, in some cases (e.g. Demo version, Trail setups, ...) JiX Solutions or reseller may have opted for a time restriction. Please contact your reseller if you think that you're license key has expired.

I need to reinstall my server, do I need to request a new license key ?

If you need to reinstall the Typhon software system on the same hardware and if you have not deleted the System Disk there is no need to request a new license key. However, if you need to install the software on a new hardware platform or if some of the hardware components changed you will need to request a new license key.

You will not be charged for this new license key (expect when additional modules are being activated), if you provide detailed specifications which components have been replaced.

If you have deleted the System Disk (but you haven't changed hardware components) then you need to re-enter your original license key before the Typhon becomes activated.

I want to enable an additional service or I want to change of Typhon product. Do I need to request a new license key ?

We would recommend that you contact your reseller as the reseller is best placed to provide you an answer to your specific needs.

Per product the type of services is being predefined, it is not possible to have ex-post services enhancing your Typhon. If you would like to integrate a new service, it is recommended to upgrade to another Typhon product. For this new Typhon product, you need a new license key.

Note that existing customers get additional reduction when upgrading their Typhon server.

I registered my Typhon server a while ago but now I keep getting the following message in all the menus: "The software license has expired. Please contact info@jixsolutions.com for a new license". What is this ?

There are several reasons why you can get this error. Please verify whether:
1. You have a license key which allows access to the module you try to access;
2. The demo or trial period of the version has not expired;
3. The hardware platform of the server changed;

When certain hardware components are replaced, the system ID might be changed. Therefore it might no longer be compatible with the software license. Please bear in mind that changing or replacing hardware components may result in the need to request a new license key.