Typhon Services - Proxy Server

Why are the Filter Numbers so important in the Proxy Server ?

In the Proxy filters different content rules can be defined for different contents, groups and time schedules. The priority of the rules are defined by the Filter Number in descending order, i.e. Filter 100 is executed before Filter 200. The user is checked against the first matching rule which applies to the group to whom the user belongs to. All the subsequent matching rules are not being executed or being applied to the group to whom the user belongs to.

In my wireless network I start to define the proxy server settings into my Internet Explorer. All a sudden I cannot surf anymore and the proxy does not seem to work anymore. Also the proxy server does not ask for authentication anymore ?

This problem is most probably related to the wireless router that is behind the Typhon server. It is possible that the wireless router blocks for one reason or the other the proxy server changes onto your client PC.
First of all try out the following steps:
- closing and starting all IE sessions
- ip release and renew
- reboot client PC

If it still not works reboot the Typhon server in order to refresh the proxy server data onto your wireless router. This should resolve normally directly this problem . This behavior has been experienced with Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional.

How does the predefined filters filter out websites ?

The predefined filters filter out domains, urls and expressions in the domains/urls. They contain a list of websites that are characterized by the same type of content. The predefined filters are relatively large. Please contact your reseller to verify the exact content of the predefined filters.
Please note that the content filters themselves do not look into the webpage itself. They only look into the domain/url field of the web browser