Fixpack A [Download]

This is a list of all know issues in the Version 2.1 (build 114) that are fixed by applying this Fixpack A release. This fixpack can be installed on the system as a regular plug-in. Please refer to the manual for the exact installation instructions.

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0001_21_aliases NDR Creating an aliases caused an error message being displayed in the ui about a directory not present. This is the 'aliases' directory in the status dir. It gets created allright at installation time, but the script wiped it away at boot time. This hotfix adapts this script in such a way it recreates these directory at bootup.
0002_21_homes NDR Re-introduce a default personal share on the server and fixes the permissions of the home directories. The fix adapts the samba configuration in such a way a default personal share is available for every user. You can access it via: ///personal
0003_21_getfacl NDR The backup mail contains an error about acl. Getfacl crashed in the beginning of the backup (so no ACL's were backed up), the reason is unknown but it seems it cannot handle the last '/' in '/jix/' in its initial commandline arguments. When replaced with '/jix' the command doesn't segfault anymore apperantly.
0004_21_mailserverboot KVL The mailserver should do a synchronise all when booting. This is only noticed in cases where a recovery procedure is used.  
0005_21_restorexml KVL Restoring form tape takes too long Made sure the config.xml is backuped in the beginning of the tape so that the recovery procedure takes a finite amount of time.
0006_21_configxmllog KVL The system disk fills up. The xmldaemon is polled so frequently that it becomes messy to log everything... the xmldaemon should not log a thing anymore.
0007_21_nodevicebackup KVL Backup fills up the system disk. Make sure there is no nodevice file on the system partition, ever. Also mention the device backup'ing to in the mail sent to the administrator.
0008_21_mailpostmaster KVL The postmaster address can be changes. Made sure the postmaster address is not changeable.
0009_21_printcapmultispool KVL, JVH Print jobs get mixed up when more than one printer is defined. Made sure every printer has a different spool directory. When applying this fixpack, all current jobs will be removed from the printer! Added support to ensure that when a printer gets deleted the spool dir is removed Added a check to ensure the printername is unique
0010_21_menuboot KVL When applying a new config.xml, after a reboot, the certificates are not synchronised. This should fix that. This hotfix is not relevant for the majority of users, it is mainly intended for advanced users.
0011_21_firewall_webserver KVL Turning on/off the webserver should change the firewall status.  
0012_21_license NDR Software license in the UI. Put link to software license in the ui.
0013_21_gateway NDR Keep track of gateway in the status. Introduces 'GATEWAY' file in the network status, so others can depend on it.
0014_21_xmllog KVL Database logs fill up system disk. This hotfix is recommended for everyone running 2.1 since the supervisor polls the xmldaemon so much that the logs sooner or later will fill the system partition
0015_21_kernel_raidcards KVL Add new kernel with support for highpoint RAID cards and ipsec.  
0016_21_highpoint NDR Support for highpoint RAID cards Installs hpt37x2.o driver which allows the use of a highpoint IDE raid card for the Typhon data part.
0017_21_dyndns NDR Introduces a check to make sure the updated dyndns name is resolved to the correct ip and also handle failed updated more gracefully so the account does not end up in dyndns abuse list. Also support updates behind a proxy server.  
0018_21_backupscripts JVH Some sample backup scripts to restore the filelist and the files. Excute the script in /etc/typhon/plug-ins/backupmanager/tools to know the syntax.
0019_21_smbpasswd KVL Security fix: removed smbpasswd in the tmp directory  
0020_21_vpntunnel NDR VPN tunnel fails on non adsl connections. The ppp-up.exe script installed by vpntunnel contained a flaw in which it assumed pppoe when connection was not filled in, this is incorrect.
0021_21_checkpc NDR Error dialog appears when handling printers. checkpc in synchronise.printers should output to /dev/null, instead of to the ui
0022_21_lilo NDR    
0023_21_backuplog JVH Allow the backup log also to be sent to the log dir on the admin share