Fantastic Testdrive Offer

JiX Solutions BVBA is currently developing an innovative, new product which is planned to be marketed later this year (September - October 2002). For the moment we have a limited amount of pre-production machines, which we intend to sell at special low prices to interested parties who are prepared to regularly provide us with their feedback on the usage of the machine.

At a glance, the machine is a tiny, silent, economical, yet powerful network server which handles all the typical network tasks required on a small to medium sized LAN. We will be offering two models:

1. Typhon S-type (Small)
The Typhon S-type is a small server solution.
We dare say small, because with it's dimensions of 29.5 cm width, 27 cm long and a mere 6.5 cm thick it is very small indeed. As such it's highly transportable, fitting in almost every bag. The machine does not contain any fans, which renders it unusually silent. It uses an external 12V power supply adapter, so also with regard to you electric bill, it is an ideal solution: you can let it run night and day without having to worry about cost. The device however, is pretty powerful, boasting a 533Mhz Via C3 processor, 128MB of internal memory, 2 LAN connections and a 20Gb harddisk, it can do best for what it is designed for : to serve. For some pre-production pictures and some detailed specifications please click here.

2. Typhon XS-type (Extra Small)
The Typhon XS-type is our second small server solution. The size of this server is even more compact than our Typhon S-type. It measures 23 cm width, 26.5 cm long and 4.5 cm high. This one also uses an external 12V power supply adapter but doesn't provide you with a CDROM/DVD bay. Don't underestimate the power of this device since it will be equiped with a 1,2 GhZ Intel Pentium III or Celeron, 256 MB of internal memory, 2 LAN connections and a 20 or 30 GB harddisk. For some pre-production pictures and some detailed specifications please click here.

In practice, these are some things the device can do for you:

It's a broadband router and firewall Connect the device to your DSL/Cable modem and you can share the connection with everyone on your LAN. The integrated, easy to use firewall makes sure your LAN is protected all the time.
Use it as a library for your files It inter-operates seamlessly with Windows and Macintosh, you can just mount it on your desktop and store all your files on it.
Dynamic DNS Containing dynamic dns software, it assures you, that you can find your device on the internet, whenever you are somewhere else. Ideal to access those files at your home office when you are on the move
Mail Relay and webmail Use the device to send and receive your e-mail. The integrated webmail makes sure you can access your e-mail from anywhere over the internet.
Become your own IT manager With its easy web interface, the device allows you to add and remove users, mail addresses, shared disks, ... . This way you can easily take control of your company's IT infrastructure without having to invest in costly know-how
And there is a lot more stuff to discover: Antivirus checking on incoming and outgoing mail, advanced content filtering proxy server, integrated vpnserver, ....

If you are interested in becoming a TestDriver for JiX Solutions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Since we believe that these products will become very interesting in the near future for small offices and homeworkers who want to leverage of a small Local Area Network, the Typhon S and XS-type will be priced very competitive. Both products are complete hardware/software combo's that are pre-installed and ready to go. To give you an idea of the pricing, please consult the following table:

Typhon S-type 450,00 EUR excl. VAT and Recupel
Typhon XS-type 650,00 EUR excl. VAT and Recupel