[Monday 10/01/05]

JiX Solutions present at the 2005 VLOD fair (exhibit n° 1533) !

From the 27th of February till the 2nd of March 2005, JiX Solutions is present again at the 2005 VLOD fair in Flanders Expo in Gent.

VLOD is thé fair for all teachers and school responsibles in Flanders. It also includes a dedicated hall (CST fair) all for all ICT coodinators. It brings all the newly available content projects, hard- and software for schools or other educational organisations.

Because the Typhon Education is especially build for schools, JiX Solutions is also present at the VLOD fair. Visit our exhibit n°1533 for live demo's, demonstration material, brochures or just any information.

For more information or for free entrance tickets contact us info@jixsolutions.com

[Monday 16/08/04]

Get your school's network up and running with the Typhon Server

With the Typhon server, getting your school's network running has never been so easy. In a couple of hours the complete server is set-up including all your specific network settings and policies.

The Typhon supports upto 2500 users with each their private folder, personal email address and precisely defined firewall and internet access rules. Configuring all your students is done via an easy-to-use import tool from Excel or any other tab delimited file.

Group policies allow to configure the Typhon server according to your school's class structure (for example each class can have a separate group with again each dedicated rules for Internet, folder and file access).

Your school can also have a Typhon server ready for the new school year. Contact us so we can install at NO charge a demo installation server at your school (beta version).

Is your school interested ? Contact us quickly on info@jixsolutions.com

[Monday 17/05/04]

Release Typhon Server v3.0 Beta version

The Typhon Server v3.0 Beta version is ready. It contains most of the end functionalities and is ready for operations in test mode.

Is supports more than 2500 users and comes with a performing firewall and proxy server. Even more an anti-virus software is planned to be fully incorporated into the Typhon Server. Mail server and webmail are standard features, together with a group and user management tool. Automated update services keeps your Typhon Server up-and-running all the time !

Detailed product features and pricing schemes will become available as from beginning of June.

For more info or to obtain beta version contact us on info@jixsolutions.com